Zack Khan entrena piernas por Milos Sarcev


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    Right off the airplane (I just got back from England…and had this leg training scheduled in advance…).
    We started with usual warm up – superset: leg extensions/leg presses

    Than we went straight into our FIRST GIANT SETS ROTATION:

    1- Super slow/low Smith Machine Squats (without ever locking the knees on the way up)
    2- Walking Lunges (10 reps each leg…40/45/50 or 55 lbs dumbbells)
    3- Leg Press
    4- Leg Extensions – with three seconds contraction at the top
    5- Walking Lunges back to the Smith Machine

    We did 4 GIANT SETS (repeating all 5 exercises 4 times…thus – 4 giant sets)

    SECOND GIANT SET ROTATION (4 exercises in each rotation…Total of three GIANT SETS)

    1- Sissy Squats on Hack Machine
    2- Front Squats (with complete pause for three seconds in bottom position)
    3- Smith Machine Lunges
    4- Leg Presses

    In each succeeding rotation (giant set) we would INCREASE the load (weights)…

    Final – THIRD ROTATION (GIANT SETS) – 4 different exercises:

    1- Deep squats (with three second pause on the bottom)
    2- Hack Squats (with vastus medialis touching /knees together/ and standing on the ball of the foot /heels off the platform)
    3- Leg Press (10 seconds down + 10 seconds up)
    4- Leg Extensions

    We did three giant sets…and collectively decided to skip my fourth rotation…